Board of Trustees

Board Members

The Board of Trustees:
Minister                    Rev. Elise Cowan, M.Div.
President                  Larry Owensby
Vice President         Donna Sansbury
Treasurer                 Kent Lowery
Secretary                  Bex Tracy
Trustee                      Claudia Lawson
Trustee                      Cheryl Rogers

The Board of Trustees lovingly invites your comments, questions and feedback regarding Unity Church of the Ozarks.

Minister – Rev. Elise Cowan, M.Div.
Music Ministry Team – Kristi Peterson (Director),
Rev. Allen Bates, Mike Cleary, Bex Tracy, Ken Cowan
Sound Team – Ken Cowan, Larry Owensby,
Steve Schwader, Randall Shackelford
Bulletin / Nametags / Email Communications – Bert Effinger
Prayer Requests – Rev. Elise Cowan, M.Div. (
Publicity Coordinator – Claudia Lawson
Website Administrator – Becca Thursby