Music Ministries

Music Team

I have often heard that a great sermon inspires us and makes us think, but it is music that takes the message from the head to the heart.  I believe this is true.  Music touches us in a way that nothing else can.  My personal music ministry, though, extends beyond softening and opening hearts.  I believe that I and my team are called through the music to support our minister’s message.  Rev Elise creates talks every week that are both inspiring and thought provoking, and it is my job to find and share music that supports and reinforces that message; perhaps in the form of a question mark posed before the talk begins, or as a joyful exclamation point after the talk is complete.  That support can and does take many forms.  

The music we share can range from traditional southern gospel hymns to contemporary Christian praise songs to popular music from any era.  All are chosen with the intent that they might help the congregation ‘get’ the message on a deep level that they can carry home with them after the service is completed.

Since the sound of voices raised in harmony is the closest thing I can imagine to the sound of God’s voice, I am deeply grateful to our committed worship team, who lend their talents and time week after week to bring beautiful harmony to Unity Church of the Ozarks, and help me bring the arrangements I hear in my mind into form.  They are exceptional!  We are also richly blessed by the other talented members of our congregation, who share with us as they are able and when the Spirit moves them.  I believe they bring not only variety to our ministry but deep meaning to our Sunday morning services.  All of them are a beautiful example of answered prayer.  I am so blessed to serve with them.

In love and gratitude,
Kristi Peterson