Friends and Family

February 1, 2020

Family of Friends,

February is the month of love. Not just romantic love, but love of our family and friends, and all those who have guided us through parts of our lives. But, what about love for those who have seemingly done wrong by us? Did we learn and grow from the experience? Or did we hang on to resentment for any seeming wrong doing?

One of the most important things I’ve learned in my life is that I have to
look at all parts of my life as important parts that made me who I am today. Even the seeming negative situations I found myself in, in the end gave me strength and endurance. And when I look back at those times I can see where I played a role in every experience, both good and seeming bad.

I’ve also learned not to look back on my life in regret. I can’t go back and change anything I’ve ever done, but I can change my mind about the implications of bad vs. good. So for me, love starts with myself. To love our neighbor as our self means we have to have complete understanding that we all stumble and fall at times in our lives.

Then we get to pick ourselves back up, forgive any mistakes we made, on move forward. Let’s treat our loved ones the same way. “When we hold resentment, we are bound to that person or condition by a cosmic link, and forgiveness is the only way to dissolve that link and be free,”

Catherine Ponder, The Prospering Power of Love


March 1, 2020

Family of Friends,

As I sit on my deck taking in the beauty of this near spring day I’m reflecting on the Lenten journey I hope to experience throughout March and continuing through Easter Sunday on April 12. Lent is a time for us to fast from negative thoughts and instead set our intentions on the good we want to manifest in our lives. 

The celebration of Lent was started as a reminder about how Jesus spent forty days and forty nights in the wilderness before beginning his ministry. The Devil (his ego) came to test him promising him greatness, if, he would just follow his human nature as opposed to his spiritual guidance. Jesus’ response was, “Get away from me Satan,” Matt. 4:10.

I have been hounded this first week of Lent by many ideas of fear coming across my awareness; corona-virus, the stock market, & politics, to name just a few. This Lenten season, while staying aware, I choose to give up fear, “Get away from me!” I choose instead to live from a place of Love. According to the gospel of Luke, “Jesus traveled about from one town and village to another, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom of God.” The kingdom of God is a choice, it is an awareness that we get to choose love over fear. Will you join me?


March 22, 2020

Family of Friends,

After much prayerful thought and consideration Unity Church of the Ozarks, with the most resent info from the CDC, decided that we are postponing all meetings and service this week …. However, we are going to have a Facebook Live or video on Sunday March 22. We’re not yet sure what that will be like as we are still figuring out the details, but Rev Elise will have, at least, a guided meditation and message online for your viewing pleasure. 

White House issues new coronavirus guidelines for public

“One new guideline says Americans should not gather in groups of more than 10 people, schooling should be at home and discretionary travel and social visits should be avoided.”

We will be taking things week by week until this Corona 19 thing is under control. Please be reminded that, although we won’t be meeting in person, the church still has bills to pay. You can make a donation on our website at by PayPal, on your smart phone by Venmo, or you can mail in a check to P.O. Box 477 Rogers, AR 72757.

Hugs and much love…see you on the other side of this,

Larry Owensby, board president & Rev. Elise

April 1, 2020

Family of Friends,It was with prayerful consideration that we have decided it is not in the best interest for our membership and guest to host a church service at our beautiful church facility. Until further notice we will continue to have online church on FaceBook Live at 10:30 am on Sunday’s. 
This Sunday is our first “Anything Goes” fifth Sunday! Kristi is gearing up to give us live music and Bex and I are presenting The Allness of Life. Yesterday I learned a lot about streaming online and now have software that will allow me to invite one other person to be on the screen with me from their home. Except for this Sunday and next Sunday – I’m in a two week trial of the software so I get to use all the features which will allow me to have both Kristi and Bex! Bex and I are going to try it out tomorrow with a Live advertisement for Sunday sometime after 12. (Noon is when we’re connecting by phone to get this set up. I don’t think it will take us long.) Note: If I have it figured out by! See you onlineMuch Love and many blessings!!Elise

Rev Elise Cowan, M.Div.MinisterUnity Church of the Ozarks479-721-2752