Guest Speaker – Bonnie O’Boyle

October 17, 2021 @ 10:30 am – 11:30 am
Unity Church of the Ozarks
2200 SE J St Ste 10

Bonnie O’Boyle is a vibrant and loving speaker whose specialty is helping people in their journey towards loving themselves and living in joy.  Her primary life mission is to be an integral part in helping the Shift in consciousness of humanity by raising the vibration of everyone she interacts with.  She has a knack for getting out of the way so Spirit can flow through her.  She freely shares this flow with everyone in her presence.

Bonnie is a Holistic Counselor and has spent twenty-six years helping people with disabilities and learning from their intrinsic wisdom.  Bonnie is also a Reiki Master, happiness coach, dream interpretation guide, inspirational singer/song writer, and author of the fiction adventure “In the Beginning” and the children’s book, “The Dream Keeper.”  She has a five-song introductory CD, too.

Individually and with groups, Bonnie helps bring participants into their heart space for a deeper experience with playfulness and humor.  She has been a speaker at the University of Arkansas, New Thought churches, and spiritual and professional conferences.  She wants to share this fun experience with you, too!