Chaplains Ministries


Unity Prayer Chaplains

Our Unity community belief statements;

1. We believe God is Love

2. We believe that ALL people are created with sacred worth

3. We create our lives through our thoughts, feelings and beliefs

4. We believe prayer and meditation heightens our spiritual awareness

5. We simply live our lives in love; love of God, love of one another, love of our planet

Unity practices affirmative prayer, which is based on simple but empowering spiritual Truths, which focus on our Oneness with God and the understanding that God’s will for us is always for the highest good. With faith and gratitude we affirm that our needs are met, our prayers are answered and, by the power of the Christ Light within, we are Divinely blessed.

Prayer Chaplains…How may we pray with you?

At Unity Church of the Ozarks, Our chaplaincy program consists of a number of members who have dedicated their spiritual practice to serve as chaplains. Each have undergone special training and have hours of experience in praying with and comforting others.

Whether this is your first visit, or if you have been with us for many years, Prayer Chaplains are here to support you in prayer in the following ways:

They are present and available to pray with you upon request before and after the Sunday service. Our Prayer Chaplains wear prayer stoles, Simply ask any chaplain for prayer.

Prayer Chaplains make visits to hospitals, rehab centers, long-term care facilities, etc.

Please know that your prayer request is kept sacred and confidential.  We are here for you. You are never alone.