Unity Church of the Ozarks

Unity church of the Ozarks is a progressive new thought spiritual community that emphasizes personal growth, living consciously and making a positive difference in the world. Ours is a vibrant, open and affirming community.

Unity church of the Ozarks is rooted in Christianity with a more progressive and metaphysical approach than traditional Christian theology. We like to consider unity church of the Ozarks as a sanctuary for Christians with questions. If you’ve given up on traditional churches in organized religion but haven’t given up on your faith, or your spiritual growth, we know you’ll feel right at home here.

We welcome you and your soul’s journey, to pray with us, serve with us, and connect with us on every level.

All Sunday Services will be ONLY on Facebook Live at 10:30 AM & All other events ON ZOOM. March 16, 2020 – Until Further Notice

Sunday May 31, 2020 ANYTHING GOES 5TH SUNDAY: 
Sunday May 24, 2020 THE PLAN UNFOLDS
Sunday May 17, 2020 OUT OF EGYPT

April 5, 2020 The Face of God Video made by Bex Tracy, The words were written by Karen Drucker and Reverend Karyl Huntley, music was by Karen Drucker.

The Face of God, www.karendrucker.com

I know we’re all missing the hugs and the greetings that we give each other when we’re together on Sunday mornings. I was inspired to make this video as a virtual hug to all my UCO (Unity Church of the Ozarks) family and our guests who are checking us out on line. I heard this song play in my car and felt that this was the perfect song. I sent an email to Karen Drucker and asked for permission to use this song. She personally answered my email which is a great thrill to me! So I want to be sure that the credit is not just mine. The words were written by Karen Drucker and Reverend Karyl Huntley, music was by Karen Drucker. Enjoy

Posted by Unity Church of the Ozarks on Sunday, April 5, 2020

Family of Friends,
I love this time of year when the daylight stays with us into the evening hours. I love to sit outside at dusk and watch the sky turn dark. It’s my favorite time of day when I’ve put my work away and settled into spending the evening with my husband Ken. As the sky turns dark, we sit together mostly in silence. It’s meditative to me to just sit and be as I watch the world rotate from day to night. I feel the oneness with the universe most at that time of day. And I’m in awe and wander at this beautiful world in which we live. Hurling through space at an enormous speed as we circle around the sun.
I’m reminded that I was created to be a creator, and as I sit, I imagine in what ways I want to create in my life. Do I want to take more self-care time? Are there projects that I’m eager to get started on or to finish? Are there more ways I can express love? Who might I want to reach out to in the coming days? I ask these questions not to boggle myself down, but rather to be open to receiving divine guidance in these areas.
Divine guidance, for me, is a thought or a feeling about something. For example, this week I was working on putting together Sunday’s Anything Goes presentation of Dotti’s artwork. I wanted to add a piece that lives in my office that I got from her. That still small voice told me it didn’t belong in the presentation. I was a little confused because I thought it would be a perfect addition to the presentation. Anyway, while I was working, I had another divine idea, that I could get Sheryl to create a Facebook advertisement for the event. As I was talking to Sheryl, God said, that is where to put the picture of the painting in my office. I laughed out loud when I realized where Spirit was going with this.  
Take time to connect with your spiritual nature. You will be guided in your life. Then, when you notice it working, take the time to be in gratitude for it!
In gratitude for you,
Rev. Elise

We will be taking things week by week until this Corona 19 thing is under control. Please be reminded that, although we won’t be meeting in person, the church still has bills to pay. You can make a donation on our website at unityozarks.org by PayPal, on your smart phone by Venmo, or you can mail in a check to P.O. Box 477 Rogers, AR 72757.