We are a group of like-minded people who believe in our common unity with all life and in the community of all humankind empowered by love.

We teach the universal principles and spiritual values as taught and lived by Jesus. We practice prayer, meditation and service as our primary means of becoming conscious of our oneness in God.

Farewell Reception

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Our beloved pastor, Rev. Elise Cowan, has decided to move on to other opportunities. Her last service will be Sunday, August 1.

Please join us for this memorable day and stay for the reception afterward in her honor.

We are open for in-person Sunday Services.

We will also continue our broadcast live on Facebook

Hope to see you there!

Congregants, we are excited to open and can’t wait to see you but…

1. Attend service in person only if you feel comfortable doing so.
2. If you are vaccinated, remember that not everyone is. You can still carry and transmit the virus.
3. If anyone in your family is high-risk, please stay home.
4. We know that you are excited to be back to church, as are all of us. By following these guidelines, we hope to ensure safety. Please abide by them.  It might be uncomfortable for a while, but our love for one another will see us through.

Opening Guidelines

We love you! Our emphasis is on safety!

  1. Masks are no longer required!
  2. We encourage laughing, relaxation, & fun…from a social distance
  3. Seating is arranged for up to 3 people sitting next to each other if you live together. Otherwise, we ask that you social distance at least 6 feet.
  4. We will not be serving refreshments at this time.
  5. Restrooms available

Come Join Us!

Weekly Book Club

Our weekly book club meets on Wednesdays from 4:00 to 5:00 on Zoom. This is a time of lively discussion and you are very welcome to join in. For the Zoom link, email Debra: debra@debradevilbiss.com

New Book selection is:

Destiny of Souls, New Case Studies of Life Between Lives by Michael Newton, Ph.D.

In Destiny of Souls, 67 people just like you recall their life between lives through Dr. Michael Newton’s personal work in spiritual hypnotherapy. Based on his groundbreaking research into the afterlife, this book is designed both for those new to afterlife case studies and for fans of Dr. Newton’s best-selling first volume, Journey of Souls.

Explore the meaning behind your own spiritual memories as you hear the stories of people in deep hypnosis and learn fascinating details about:

  • Our purpose on Earth
  • Spiritual settings where souls go after death
  • The soul-brain connection
  • Soul mates
  • Soul travel between lives
  • Spirit guides
  • Ways spirits connect with and comfort the living
  • Why we choose certain bodies

Please join us at any time!

Free Little Food Pantry

Unity Church of the Ozarks Free Little Food Pantry is open 24/7. You are welcome to pick up food items or drop some off anytime. The cupboard is located just outside our front door. Our address is 2200 SE J Street, Suite 10, Bentonville, AR 72712.

Sunday Services will be in person and simulcast on Facebook Live at 10:30 AM

To view previous Facebook Live Sunday Services click here

You can make a donation on our website at unityozarks.org by PayPal, on your smart phone by Venmo, or you can mail in a check to P.O. Box 477 Rogers, AR 72757.